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  • Search Engine Optimisation Short Course

    30 Lessons in $140.00

    Short SEO Course

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  • Full Practical Search Engine Optimisation Course

    28 Lessons in $299.00

    Full SEO Course

    328 learners taking this course

    Our SEO course is absolutely jam packed with all the fundamental information you need to know in order to optimise a website. In a day and age where online business is becoming more and more popular, having the skills to break through your competition is essential. In this course we’ll teach you everything from understanding how search engines work, how to set things up in a search friendly manner, how to monitor and manage people coming to your website to topics such as mobile SEO, local SEO and we’ll wrap up with resources that will keep you in the know after you’ve completed the course.

    The course consists of 21 lessons, each lesson contains at least 20 minutes of learning, a quiz and a list to further reading and useful resources to further your knowledge. The final lesson includes a practical test whereby you will have to analyse a website we’ve created and write a short research paper on the problems with the website and how you would correct them. This paper is marked by an SEO specialist and if you pass you will receive a certificate stating that you have successfully passed the course.

    This course is about learning how to do the work. SEO’s aren’t hired because they’ve got a piece of paper (although we’ll give you a certificate!), they’re hired because they have a practical understanding of what SEO is and how to do it. That’s our aim, “street smart”.

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