We’re at the end of yet another wonderful year for the digital marketing and SEO industry, and iMod Education has been hard at work during this time researching the online education spectrum and what resources are currently out there for aspiring digital professionals.  The research led to us starting work on a new project as we still don’t see courses which are as practically helpful as they are merely informative.

Ever since the launch of our Full Practical SEO Course, we have helped over 325 students to understand SEO with a course which teaches how to physically practice SEO. While this approach is great for those who need these practical skills, we realised that it would be even more beneficial to offer those starting out in the digital industry, or those simply needing a better understanding SEO, an introductory course to SEO.

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It is our great pleasure to say that this is our official announcement for the launch of our brand new course! Ready to go live on November 10th, 2017, the course is made for those starting out their career, those looking to broaden their skill-set or anyone interested in SEO and digital marketing.

The course consists of 6 topics, each with bite-sized lessons and short quizzes to make sure you were paying attention 😉 .

We took a new approach in writing the course content whereby we show you that online learning can be just as entertaining and fun as it is educational. Written by real SEO’s and digital marketers instead of course curators and educators. We teach you what we know, the skills we use to make a living and drive traffic, conversions and sales for clients across the world.

We share our opinions, experience and lessons learned with you in a way that will both teach you actionable skills and SEO knowledge while giving you something to chuckle about.

Course Features

  • Work at YOUR pace

    You will be able to go through the entire course up to the final exam on your own with our auto-grading system.

  • Advice from real humans

    Even though your quizzes are auto-graded, your final exam will be marked by an SEO who will share their advice with you.

  • Student-only Facebook community

    The iMod Education family of digital professionals, students, alumni, SEO’s and entrepreneurs is one of support. Here you can ask for advice, opinions, or even a friend!

  • Witty, sharp, & informative

    We want to provide a greatly informative course, but one that you’ll have fun taking. Check!

  • Show off!

    iMod Education is a verified university on LinkedIn, allowing you to showcase your certificate on your profile.

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    $99.00Search Engine Optimisation Short Course

    Start off with our basic SEO Short Course. This course is aimed at both beginners and SEO veterans for a refresher.
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