The only SEO course taught by SEO’s

Our SEO course consists of 21 lessons and takes you through a journey to understanding what Search Engine Optimisation is and how to go about practically implementing your new-found knowledge to take your website to new heights or get a footing in the SEO career ladder. You will understand robots files, how to craft meta data, how to use sitemaps, how to analyse your changes in the eyes of the search engines and craft a website that is search engine friendly.

This course isn’t written by a copywriter, but rather by a collection of SEO’s that understand the industry and have achieved, and do still achieve incredible results for clients around the world, and within many different industries. This is the only SEO course taught by SEO’s in plain English.

At the end of our bite-sized lessons, you will have a quick quiz to ensure that you understand the content before moving on. Throughout the course, there are four practical assignments so as to ensure that you can implement your new knowledge making our SEO course the only course taught by SEO’s that allows you to make progress instantly.

Course Material Last Updated: 04 October 2016



The Full Course

You’ll have full access to all 21 lessons of the course that will teach you how to physically go about getting your website found in Google and other search engines.


You’ll go through 4 practical assignments as well as a final exam that will stretch your knowledge, ensure that you understand and received feedback on your submissions.

Tons of Resources

Each lesson contains our hand-picked resources for additional reading, links to software solutions that we use and insight into further information that will push you ahead.


Upon completion of the course you’ll be awarded with a beautiful certificate that you may hang on the wall, include in your resum, show off to your colleagues or just be proud of.


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