The Popularity of Online Courses & E-Learning in 2016 Based On Trends & Statistics

The Popularity of Online Courses & E-Learning in 2016 Based On Trends & Statistics

Is online learning becoming more popular? This is the burning question?  There are in fact many factors that determine its popularity….

Let us start by saying that it is predicted that by 2019 at least 50% of all classes will be delivered online! , and online learning has been slowly increasing over the past 5 years.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Centre, between 2012 and 2013 the number of institutions launching e-learning platforms increased by 23%.

This increase in supply clearly shows that there is an increase in demand for online learning.

If we were to look at the segmentation of learners, we would find that 34% of learners who study online are under the age of 25, that is a 9% increase from 2012! Clearly the majority of these learners are choosing to study for their degrees online as opposed to the more traditional forms of learning. In 2015 23% of students (source) stated that they would definitely/ probably not pursue a degree if their program was not available online or partially online. With the enrollment rate for students who which to study online growing by roughly 1% per year, it is clear that as we move forward a great majority of our youth will choose to study online or partially online as opposed to traditional learning.

So what is the main reason why online learning is becoming so popular amongst the youth?

23% of students ranked the affordability of the institutions fees as there number one reason for choosing an online program. With 41% of those students choosing to do a graduate or undergraduate degree in business administration. Interestingly enough the next most popular field of online study was nursing with 10.7% of students choosing to get their graduate or undergraduate degree online. According to Udemy, a popular online learning platform that has over 10 million students and 40 000 courses, 13 million people (source) are choosing to study development on there site and 8.5 million use Udemy to study Business.

Moving on further to look at the corporate training side of things.  In 2015 the global e-learning market grew by 9.2% over a 5 year period! It is now estimated that the global market is worth roughly $107 billion (source) with the compound annual growth rate of self-paced e-learning at 4.4%. In America roughly 77% of companies offer training online to help train their employees with 81% of learners (source) partaking in online study for personal development.

The 2016 Higher Education Online Learning Landscape Infographic
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All in all we can be sure that online learning will continue to grow at a fast pace and become one of the leading choices for students around the world. If you are still not convinced online learning is the future of education check out our article on the benefits of studying online.

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