My Journey Into Digital

My Journey Into Digital

Hi, my name is Danni. The newest member of the iMod Digital and iMod Education team and their most recent course graduate. I decided to share a more personal story this week for all our students, prospective students, or those looking for some insight into taking a step toward becoming a professional within the digital space.

My journey into the world of Digital Marketing has been an interesting one, to say the least. If you are browsing this site, having a look at the SEO course offered by iMod Education, reading this very blog post, well then there must be a reason for it. If you are a potential Digital Marketer or SEO practitioner still deciding on the field you will be immersing your professional life in and you’re in need of some guidance, this post is for you.

I am a Digital Marketing “noob” and recently, a course of events had piqued my interest in the mechanics involved in this vast digital world that we live in.

Let me tell you a bit more about how I got here, and why it has so far been the best choice I have made for my career.


The Beginning

I had always had a natural inclination to the wonder of technology and never found it difficult to adapt to the increasingly digital and tech-centered world we live in. As young as I am, I explored the web and remember the distinct sound of our dial-up modem in anticipation of a stable connection so I can update my MySpace profile.

That dial-up modem is what started it all.

Although I had this attraction to technology and the web, I had never considered it as a career choice. Technology and the internet were simply personal attributes to my life, much in the same way that people wouldn’t immediately consider monetising their flair for sketching, or writing.

Regardless of how much I enjoy exploring the digital world, I do have another passion that the digital space has been competing with. This would be my love for psychology.

For a very long time, the dream was simple. Finish school, get a psychology degree, complete Honours degree, complete Master’s degree, become a psychologist. Simple, right? Nope.

After completing my secondary education, I started working as a receptionist and admin assistant at a wedding venue and from there on started formulating my plan of dominating the world of psychology and mental health. It did not prove as easy as that.

I guess it’s true what they say. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.


The Realisation

Fast forwarding a few years ahead, I am currently a 3rd-year psychology student. I have placed these studies on hold after moving 1800 km from my hometown to Cape Town.

I found myself in a new position as an IT Recruitment Consultant. I started learning the jargon of the tech world, started networking with IT professionals, both candidates, and clients. Soon enough, I found myself realising the immaculate power of the web and technology in business.

Soon before long, I made the personal decision to start a blog. Writing is something I had started doing when I was around 11 years old and is one of the things I have a real passion for. Being able to write again has given me an immense sense of clarity as to the journey I may be able to follow.

My interest in blogging led me to start an online Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing and this opened the door to digital marketing.

A few courses later, I now have a varying skill set ranging from writing, graphic design, web design, SEO and digital marketing. All of these skills support and complement each other in a way I never thought possible and I was able to gain these skills without having to fork out money that I don’t have or getting a degree which nowadays requires a student loan.

Not much later, I had decided to stop recruiting for the tech and digital world, and join it instead.


Excerpt of my very first blog post after I decided to simply take the leap and start posting.


The Break

Anyone reading this knows that landing that job you’ve been waiting for is way easier said than done. So what did I do? I forced my way in. I did not place myself on the job market the way most young professionals do these days by placing themselves on online job portals and applying to any and every fake job ad they find. Most of the time when doing this, you will find yourself ending up in the hands of a recruiter and if you are lucky, will get a few interviews at companies you may have never heard of.

I, however, wanted a more fulfilling and personal experience, so instead of looking for vacancies, I started researching companies instead.

After research, browsing dozens of “tech-savvy” agencies in Cape Town, I finally only approached three. iMod Digital was the first place I approached.

I read their vacancies and realised that they were looking for a seasoned SEO to join their team. Although this was slightly intimidating because I was not the SEO they described, I took it as some fuel when I sculpted my email to them.

I told them why I liked their company, what they stand for, what they do and proceeded to add why I would be a good asset to them. I fully portrayed my personality in my email and even added my quirkiness that normally only friends and family see.

A week later I landed an interview. Even though I was not the SEO they were looking for, nor did I have the experience they were after, I was offered a position on their team as a digital marketer and they got someone who was motivated and more than willing to learn the tricks of the trade. Never have I been happier. Upon my start with iMod, they had me start off on their expert SEO course at iMod Education to spruce up my skills and having made my way through this course, I am now even more sure that I have indeed made the right decision. The SEO course covers a great amount of topics in a way that is easy to understand and offers the opportunity to test what you have learned immediately. The fact that the team at iMod Digital has so much trust in their course that they would have someone join their team and use the course as training, is enough for me to recommend it to anyone out there seeking to expand their knowledge on the topic.

Having done many courses, iMod Education’s SEO course is the first course that has been useful on a day-to-day basis at work. A very important point to remember is that this course not only encompasses the hard facts about SEO but also covers many valuable lessons about what you can expect when pursuing digital marketing and SEO and the subjects related to succeeding within digital marketing as a whole such as content, writing, imagery and so much more. Digital Marketing and SEO combines all of my strong suits, creativity, writing, computer knowledge, graphic and web design, content creation, and problem-solving in an out-of-the-box way.

The digital revolution is over.

Yes, you read that right. We are no longer in a revolution into the digital space. The world is digital, and this is surely proven by the billion dollar industry that is eCommerce and Digital Marketing. There is no more room or excuse to bypass joining the online world in business. We need to grow with it and realise the spectacular potential there is for brands, companies, and individuals to make their mark and engage with giant audiences which can generate wonderful returns when done right.

That’s why I’m here, at iMod Digital, where I get to learn from the very best by not only completing their heart and handmade SEO course but by being able to pick their brains in a free and creative environment where I am trusted to work with them as if we’ve been a team for years.

What’s next? Who knows, but I will surely blog it here.

If SEO and Digital Marketing is a space you see yourself in with its endless growth and exploration, or if you need the knowledge to optimise your business’ website, why not give yourself a head start and a competitive edge by joining iMod Education’s exclusive course?

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Yours digitally,

Danni B


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