We know it can be difficult to choose a part-time SEO course that suits all your needs, that is why we have compiled some of the feedback from our fellow students. This will help you make an informed decision. We believe our SEO course will help you to learn all the fundamentals of SEO. You don’t need to take our word for it hear what some of our fellow students have had to say. We have had some awesome feedback.

  • “I liked that the course was worded in ‘laymen’s’ terms and showed me that SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated.”
  • “I really enjoyed being introduced to the SEO world, it’s an area of interest for me seeing that I really want to master Digital and become a “Digital Lioness” at my company in the next year.”
  • “I like how the course was structured, reading through and practicing before taking the tests. I liked that the course also challenged us to a certain pass rate as well which encouraged me to get higher marks to pass.”
  • “I think the course was really good. It exposed me to a lot and there were a lot of concepts I was a bit hazy on and because most of the questions were pretty clear cut, the hazy areas were mostly cleared up.”

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