iMod Digital diversifies into the Education Sector

iMod Digital diversifies into the Education Sector

It’s time for there to be an online Search Engine Optimisation course that’s written by search engine experts who are practising what they preach.

iMod Digital have ceased this opportunity and have created a course that consists of 21 chapters of unique, cutting edge information, practical exams and an invaluable resource pool. This course is the culmination of over a decade of practical experience and it offers students the opportunity to learn a unique skill set from experts in the field.

Christopher Mills, Director of iMod Digital said, “60% of South African’s search online before they purchase a product or hire a company. Part of the aim of this course is to bridge the gap between in-house marketing managers and the agencies they work with. The second half is to offer business owners and job seekers the opportunity to learn an invaluable skill and stay current with what the leading search engines require.”

iMod Digital, a leading company in search, is thrilled to annouce the launch of their new education branch – iMod Education. Having worked with the likes of Bidvest, The Tsogo Sun Hotel Group and The Foschini Group, iMod Digital has taken their years of experience and poured it into this jam packed course. The course takes aim at those wanting to gain insight into how to practically apply this new knowledge so that they can leverage their newly expanded skill set to improve their website, and in turn, grow their business.

“We feel there is a massive skills shortage in our country centered around the digital sphere and we wanted to create a course that helps rectify that, as well as empowers people. Even in 2016 I think there is still a stigma, or a fear of the unknown around the technology used to create and maintain websites, and how to optimise your website to attract new customers. Through our course we try and break things down into friendly, bit-sized chunks of information that you can go and practically apply to your website, be it a mom & pop type site, or even just to start to understand the lingo a bit better.”

The course is split into lots of short, rapid-fire type lessons so as not to overwhelm the learner, but rather to give them a clear and concise introduction to the content within each lesson. Each lesson includes images and videos which help you understand the subject matter as well as further reading to ensure that those that want to dig a little deeper can keep their interest peaked. At the end of every chapter, we have a few questions to check to see if you have properly understood the lesson content, with larger practical assignments included every few chapters to ensure that you can go and apply your new knowledge, and not simply have a theoretical understanding.

With the course costing only R 5 700.00, there really is no excuse for you not to be clued up about Search Engine Optimisation. With SEO experts holding your hand through the process, you will become a master of digital marketing in no time.

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