Further Your Career By Studying SEO

Maybe you are in Marketing and don’t understand what the heck SEO is and how it works. Well then this SEO course is perfect for you. Each lesson explains the basics of SEO in an easy to understand way. We have had many marketing professionals go through this course and we haven’t had any complaints yet.

“I liked that the course was worded in ‘laymen’s’ terms and showed me that SEO doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated.”

Or have you simply been wanting to further your knowledge and become more valuable to your company? Then why not study Search Engine Optimisation and participate in this SEO course. With an understanding of SEO and how Google works you will be more equipped to provide your employer with valuable insights into how they can improve their business sales and revenue. With companies number one focusing being the bottom line it is easy to see how by knowing SEO you are kick starting your career to the next level.

“I think the course was really good. It exposed me to a lot and there were a lot of concepts I was a bit hazy on and because most of the questions were pretty clear cut, the hazy areas were mostly cleared up.”

Upskill and increase your company sales


So why study with us? The answer to that is simple: because we know what we are talking about. We don’t just talk the talk but we walk the walk too. Our course was hand written by SEO experts with over a decade’s worth of SEO experience, and a long list of very happy clients.

Still not convinced? You will be after this! Included when you purchase this course is lifetime access to Serperture.com, a highly sophisticated website audit tool that helps you determine what is wrong with your site in seconds, as well as a free account with Alert Alfred where you can monitor downtime for up to 10 of your sites, all for free!

Keen to learn a bit more about our course? We have you covered! Simply download our course brochure and all your questions will be answered.


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