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Simon Said | A Graduate’s Take on the iMod SEO Course

Recent graduate Simon Page shares his thoughts on the iMod Education SEO Online Course I have a confession to make. Up until a few days ago, I had not attempted nor completed an online course. In fact, I have not done a single course outside of my tertiary studies, offline or otherwise (well, I did […]

Recent graduate Simon Page shares his thoughts on the iMod Education SEO Online Course

I have a confession to make.

Up until a few days ago, I had not attempted nor completed an online course. In fact, I have not done a single course outside of my tertiary studies, offline or otherwise (well, I did do a standup comedy course in London. More about that some other time…)

So I was relatively excited and curious to see what experience iMod Education’s SEO Course had in store for me. I was ready. Sit down. Sign up. Start.


This is an underused baby meme

The first lesson is an introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it’s important to know how it works. As an “outsider” I had encountered SEO at a previous job and was taught the bare basics – although at the time I thought that I knew it all – sad! My dealings with SEO was creating meta data on webpages and articles for clients, and was a fairly basic rehashing of what had been explained to me regarding SEO practices.

But now I was to discover that I had fairly limited knowledge on the topic.

After reading through the first lesson and introductory info, I saw that there was a multiple choice quiz that had to be completed. Nice! Multiple choice only ever sucked in Science class – and SEO isn’t a science! This format continued with lesson 2, 3, 4 and 5 in which search engines – with particular focus on Google naturally- were discussed, how they function and their purpose, as well as info regarding Google Analytics and related matters.

After lesson 5 you are faced with a practical (with written answers). Wait, I’ve got to write stuff now? But it’s SEO, I thought this was technical knowhow…oh ok.


Now that wasn’t hard. Next!

The next couple of lessons cover the do’s and don’ts of basic SEO methods. Also covered are the content guidelines one should adhere to and how to write HTML headers and effective meta data (in which I realized I didn’t even know it all regarding the topic). This is followed by a second practical to recap the previous four lessons.

As you delve into the next few lessons things start to get technical and my non-technical mind began to spin a bit.


It was at this point that Simon knew his life would change

But now I knew how to redirect a broken webpage and how to make sure that I used the right keywords. Winning!

I must point out that during each lesson one will find a number of links and videos that can take up more time but are immensely resourceful, as well as the further recommended links. I also bookmarked a couple of pages from the course as I went along.

Over the next number of lessons you encounter some topics that you are aware of as a typical user – namely the speed of websites and using Google on mobiles – which make it quite a few lessons that are easy relatable. And then I started reading the lesson on “Local SEO”:


Why is the nearest donut shop not on Google Maps?

*Rant starts*


Simon’s anecdote follows:

I once discovered a field by trusting a local listing. Yes, a store had an address that I travelled many miles to reach, only to discover it didn’t exist and what was in front of me was very large field. I tried calling them but the phone number didn’t work. An hour of my life that I will never get back. The field didn’t even have a park with a swing.

Ok so that made me feel better. So did the lesson.


Even this image is optimized

I finished the last practical before moving onto the final two lessons, namely covering the ever changing nature of Google and how to audit a website for SEO purposes. Which left the final exam.

For the record procrastination is a terrible thing. Especially when faced with a final hurdle. But I (eventually) tackled the exam head on – and it wasn’t as half tricky as I thought it was (but challenging, nonetheless).

And with the exception of two further modules, I had completed the course. I am now an SEO graduate from the School of Hard Keywords, ready to take on the world of Google search.

So my overall thoughts on the course and summary:

The learning material was presented in manageable portions per lesson – considering there is an overwhelming amount of information for some topics covered during the course – and as a result the lessons are less intimidating. The numerous practical tasks that are required to finish lesson quizzes makes this much more dynamic than a fixed, theoretical course. Also, if you happen to own a website you can implement the lessons on your site as you progress and see the results.


For the record Al Gore never invented the internet. He only invented Global Warming. Just kidding Al!

In summary this course will get anyone skilled and into the world of SEO and Google, with both theoretical and practical elements to assist you. An engaging and enjoyable course with benefits for your website or blog – win!

You can sign up for the course here if you’re keen.

20 Steps to a Peaceful, Positive, Productive Life Before 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are headed for the end of 2016. With only 44 days left in the year, we’re changing things up a bit from the usual tech, career and SEO speak, to talk about you and how you can get yourself ready for 2017 from a wellness point of view. When […]

It’s hard to believe that we are headed for the end of 2016. With only 44 days left in the year, we’re changing things up a bit from the usual tech, career and SEO speak, to talk about you and how you can get yourself ready for 2017 from a wellness point of view.

When we near the end of a year, we’re always bombarded with “X Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions” or “X New Year’s Resolutions to Keep”, but to be honest, I have a serious hate for the “New Year’s Resolution”. It follows the same principle of “I’ll start my diet on Monday”, “I’ll start going to the gym next month”. You are setting yourself up for failure, and if you think you need a change in your life that will benefit you, why wait? Without talking about slimming down or fitness, I’d rather talk about habits you can start forming before 2017 that will enrich your life, give you new strength for the year ahead, and help you maintain a positive attitude.

Having a deep love for psychology along with the digital world and writing, I take great pleasure in combining these to give you this week’s post. Your psychological well-being is even more important than your marketing strategies, SEO, and career. Without it, none of those would be possible.

Take some time during the last stressful part of the year and during the holiday season to adapt these 20 changes to make your life more peaceful, positive and productive before moving into the new year. Don’t fall prey to the new years’ propaganda. Remove the unnecessary pressure of “new year, new me” and just focus on making the existing “you” happier. Who would want to start a new year with so much pressure anyway? These are the changes that I have already, or will be implementing in my life, and so should you.

#1 Place yourself before your work

There are those times where we have to reach deadlines, head into the office a bit earlier or need to hustle to finish work before the end of a month and this is understandable. Sometimes, however,these things become everyday occurrences. Arriving earlier and earlier, leaving later and later, more stress and less gratitude. Make an active decision to put an end to this and realise that number 1 is you. Arrive on time, leave on time, switch off from work when you leave. You will thank yourself for it and as an added bonus, your employer will realise that they are unable to take advantage of you.




#2 Let go of those pants that you “just know” will fit someday

And everything else you don’t need.
Head straight for your closet, unpack it all and rid yourself of what you are holding onto for that one special occasion that might happen or the item of clothing that you are trying to fit into. All you need to take care of is the person you are now.
Does it fit you now? No? Throw it out.
Are you planning on wearing it in the next two weeks? No? Throw it out.
Have you worn it in the last 6 months? No? Throw it out.

Of course, I am not talking about sentimental items of clothing, and by that, I mean really sentimental. Don’t hold on to the shirt you wore during your first kiss.

After your ‘closet cleansing’, take the time to donate everything that is in good enough condition to those less fortunate. If you feel like you are experiencing “loss” by getting rid of your clothing, this will be a great pick-me-up and make it worth it.




#3 Create a cleaner, more organised living space

Now, I know that once you have cleaned out your wardrobe, you might be left feeling empty, but since you are already in the motion, apply this to your living space. Declutter and let go of what you don’t use. Have the decorative items in your home be things that resonate with you and give you a positive feeling, not just something that is pretty. Create a space that means something to you. Decorate your home with photographs, books that changed your life, gifts from special people or items you immediately fell in love with.

There is much to gain from living a life of minimalism and to stop consuming what you do not need. For more tips on realistic minimalism, read this great post from Soul Anatomy.


#4 Find happiness in the “everyday ordinary”

I think everyone is guilty of this one.

Stop wishing your days away. Stop living for the weekends, or holidays. Stop saying “if I just had this, I would be happy”. We will never achieve happiness this way because once you get that one thing you believed meant the difference between happiness and unhappiness, you will just find something else to want. Once you are able to see and accept the fact our lives are mostly made up of non-extravagant, ordinary moments, you will be able to make yourself happier.
Start taking notice of the small things that happen on a daily basis that are positive and take a moment to appreciate it. By finding happiness in everyday occurrences, you will be even more happy than before when the big things do happen. Your dog is excited when you get home? Be just as excited to see him, he won’t always be there to welcome you. You succeeded at a recipe? Be proud. You finished a book? Take a moment to think back on it. Did it start raining on a scorching day? You can see where I am going with this. Appreciate your days and the small things that make your life the way it is. You will surely notice if they are gone.


#5 There is more than what is on the screens

If you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume that you, just like us, spend the majority of your time behind a screen. It’s our jobs, it’s our social life, it’s our entertainment and time fillers. People have lost touch with real life the struggle is real when you are faced with an area without network coverage. Life is what happens while you’re busy looking at what’s happening in other people’s “Facebook lives”.

Dedicate time every day to breaking away from technology, turn off your phone and read a book, meditate, go outside, take a walk, or practise a hobby. It is almost like living in the age of technology, we have to teach ourselves that life does, in fact, exist outside of our computer and phone screens and not every thought and moment needs to be documented on social media.


#6 Drink more water

No need to necessarily put a number on it. Drink as much as you can handle and it will help rid your body of toxins, improve digestion and keeps you hydrated and healthy.


#7 Earlier to bed, earlier to rise

Make the most of the important parts of the day and adjust your sleeping pattern gradually by going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. You will feel more refreshed when you don’t need to rush in the mornings and be in a better mood.


#8 Cook your own food

Instead of going for takeout, or the easiest option, start cooking for yourself and find therapy in it. You will appreciate what you put into your body so much more when you have prepared it yourself.


#9 Take more breaks

As much as I wish I could be productive for the entire 8-9 hours I spend at work without losing steam, we were just not built that way. In a study posted by The Atlantic , social scientists believe that in 2014 they discovered the perfect productivity formula. Now, as odd as it may sound, I think it’s worth a try.
Their formula states, work for 52 minutes, break for 17 minutes. This is very specific and for those of you not interested in setting up reminders, it is recommended that you take a break every 50 – 90 minutes, depending on your own concentration and needs, and your break should be 15 – 20 minutes long. This is especially important if you spend your day looking at a computer screen.


#10 Find something beautiful every day, and photograph it

This is actually one of my favourite habits, and since most of us carry camera phones, it’s also the easiest. It forces you to only look for the beauty around you and when this becomes a habit, you will start seeing more and more positivity around you. Subconsciously, you will start looking at the world trying to find your picture of the day which changes your entire outlook on the world and gets you out of your own bubble. You will find yourself noticing so much more, and it’s usually positive.
Here’s a challenge to add to this habit: don’t post everything on social media. Why, you may ask? You are taking these pictures for yourself and the moment you start uploading to social media, you will start looking for other people’s admiration of your photo through likes, comments and shares. Instead, show your pictures to someone face-to-face where you are actually able to talk about it.


#11 Become your own philosopher

There is no need to feel inferior when you do not subscribe to the beliefs you were taught growing up and it doesn’t make you any less unique if you do. Take some time to make up your mind about why we’re all here, the reason behind it all, or simply what it is you want your life to mean. If you have something of your own to hold onto, it will put your world into perspective and give you fulfilment. Make up your own mind about theories, whether it be life, the future, UFO’s, religion or whether the chicken came before the egg, the important thing here is that you decide for yourself and place value into your own thoughts.


#12 Read two articles a day

You don’t always need to sign up for classes and courses to educate yourself or have decades of life experience to be better at your job (or at Trivial Pursuit and 30 Seconds).

Read two articles a day – one relating to the industry you are in to expand your knowledge, and one about something you are completely unfamiliar with. The second one can be anything from how to make sushi to growing a herb garden to history. Keep your mind active and enrich your knowledge.


#13 Be thankful

Take a moment to count your blessings every day. Learn to not want and to be happy with having what you need. There is always someone with more, but mostly there is always someone with much less.

Here is some food for thought: If you have $10 and no debt, you are richer than 15% of American households put together (source)


#14 Smaller, realistic goals

As humans, we are always dreaming of having, being and doing the best. While dreaming is not a bad thing, we need to adjust our goals.
Instead of thinking what you want to have achieved in 5, 10, or 20 years, set smaller, more realistic goals that are attainable with the right amount of work and effort instead of something you have no control over in the future. You will not be doing less than you are now, but you will remove the unrealistic pressure you place on yourself and allow yourself to be proud of what you have accomplished rather than constantly feeling like you have incomplete or failed goals.
Work on making your life or work better today, this week and this month, the rest will build on this and your long term goals won’t seem so far-fetched.


#15 Keep a journal

For many people, this seems like one of those “new years’ resolution” type goals and like too much effort. It isn’t. Journalling can take many forms and it’s up to you which suits you best. This will allow you to create a personal timeline of special moments in your life, quotes, pictures, people you’ve met, goals you reached, milestones, or even naming what you are thankful for or what you took a picture of that day. After all, we all need to get things off our chest.

The following are some journalling options:

  • Blogging
  • Keeping a notebook with writing, snippets, images, quotes and numbers neatly in one place.
  • Scrapbooking
  • An incohesive journal where you simply write single sentences as you encounter different things throughout your days. (Idea – If you have a blog site, add a new page for this type of journal with single image or sentence entries)
  • Photo journal
  • Vlogging / video diary
  • Voice diary


#16 Be aware of what you take in

Start to take stock of the things you let into your life, trust, and body. This includes the people you spend time with, the music you listen to, the shows and movies you watch, the food you eat and all else. Everything we choose to surround ourselves with has a definite impact on our health. Cut out what you believe is meaningless and toxic to you or has a negative influence. Never forget there is power in the word “no” and you have the right to use it. Be better and do better, you deserve that.


#17 The only approval you need is your own

Put an end to seeking approval from anyone other than yourself. Even though it is thoroughly rewarding to receive external praise, people are far more likely to criticise than they are to compliment. This search for approval comes in many forms; excessive social media posts, externalising your self-doubt with the hopes that someone will reassure you, or always asking others what they think of something before you do it.
You need to be happy and proud of yourself, and if you are, the important people in your life will be too. The approval starts with you. Listen to that voice in your head that comments before you do something and trust your gut. There will always be criticism in the world, and as Dita Von Teese has perfectly put it, “You could be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, but there will always be someone who hates peaches”.


#18 Organise. Your. Life.

I mean everything. Clean up your house, throw out or donate what you don’t need and organise what you keep in such a way that it is easily accessible. In the kitchen, know that you in just about every way, one is enough. If you have multiple frying pans, keep one and give to someone in need, if you have more than one mixer, do the same, and so forth. Organise your personal documents in a system that will take the stress out of future situations where you may require them .
Get into a routine for housework and make it therapeutic by adding music or some dancing and singing to your chores.
Before leaving work, have a look at what is ahead for the next day to set your mind at ease so you can relax at home.
What this one boils down to is: if it’s chaotic, opulent or messy, organise it.


#19 Work on your patience

Improving your patience will not only make you feel more at ease and positive, it will make you a more pleasant person to be around. So, how do you do it? I started with small things. As a very impatient driver, I now let that guy who doesn’t deserve it cut in front of me in traffic. Finding ways to occupy my mind when I’m waiting in lines instead of getting impatient. If someone is forgetful, let them repeat the same thing without correcting them or making them feel bad. Identify the things you find annoy you or make you impatient, and consciously change the way you handle them. Either way, the annoying things in life will never go away so we might as well save ourselves the teeth grinding and blood pressure fluctuations.


#20 Let go of toxic people

I left the most difficult one for last because the people in our lives have the most influence over us than anything I have mentioned above and this certainly isn’t as easy as cleaning out your kitchen.
The toxic people in our lives could be friends we’ve known for years, family members, or someone we’ve just met.
Regardless of your relationship with them, if they are toxic to you, you need to distance yourself. This includes people who constantly place their happiness above yours, walk over you, negatively influence you or your loved ones and so on. Since this is no small decision and you may feel guilt over distancing yourself, I truly suggest that you do not enter into this on your own. Go to someone you know truly cares for you and discuss it with them and ask for their support.
It is hard letting go, especially if the toxic person is someone you love, but never forget, those who truly love you, will only bring out the best in you.


That is our list of 20 steps to a more peaceful, positive and productive life. Remain calm over the last stretch of the year and embrace this change, you will enter 2017 a new person and ready to take on whatever the search engines, clients, marketing trends, and SEO practises throw at you.

Be your own happiness.

Until next week,
Stay unique. Stay ambitious. Stay you.

Yours in digital,
iMod Education

My Journey Into Digital

My journey into the world of Digital Marketing has been an interesting one, to say the least. If you are browsing this site, having a look at the SEO course offered by iMod Education, reading this very blog post, well then there must be a reason for it. If you are a potential Digital Marketer or SEO practitioner still deciding on the field you will be immersing your professional life in and you're in need of some guidance, this post is for you.

Hi, my name is Danni. The newest member of the iMod Digital and iMod Education team and their most recent course graduate. I decided to share a more personal story this week for all our students, prospective students, or those looking for some insight into taking a step toward becoming a professional within the digital space.

My journey into the world of Digital Marketing has been an interesting one, to say the least. If you are browsing this site, having a look at the SEO course offered by iMod Education, reading this very blog post, well then there must be a reason for it. If you are a potential Digital Marketer or SEO practitioner still deciding on the field you will be immersing your professional life in and you’re in need of some guidance, this post is for you.

I am a Digital Marketing “noob” and recently, a course of events had piqued my interest in the mechanics involved in this vast digital world that we live in.

Let me tell you a bit more about how I got here, and why it has so far been the best choice I have made for my career.


The Beginning

I had always had a natural inclination to the wonder of technology and never found it difficult to adapt to the increasingly digital and tech-centered world we live in. As young as I am, I explored the web and remember the distinct sound of our dial-up modem in anticipation of a stable connection so I can update my MySpace profile.

That dial-up modem is what started it all.

Although I had this attraction to technology and the web, I had never considered it as a career choice. Technology and the internet were simply personal attributes to my life, much in the same way that people wouldn’t immediately consider monetising their flair for sketching, or writing.

Regardless of how much I enjoy exploring the digital world, I do have another passion that the digital space has been competing with. This would be my love for psychology.

For a very long time, the dream was simple. Finish school, get a psychology degree, complete Honours degree, complete Master’s degree, become a psychologist. Simple, right? Nope.

After completing my secondary education, I started working as a receptionist and admin assistant at a wedding venue and from there on started formulating my plan of dominating the world of psychology and mental health. It did not prove as easy as that.

I guess it’s true what they say. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.


The Realisation

Fast forwarding a few years ahead, I am currently a 3rd-year psychology student. I have placed these studies on hold after moving 1800 km from my hometown to Cape Town.

I found myself in a new position as an IT Recruitment Consultant. I started learning the jargon of the tech world, started networking with IT professionals, both candidates, and clients. Soon enough, I found myself realising the immaculate power of the web and technology in business.

Soon before long, I made the personal decision to start a blog. Writing is something I had started doing when I was around 11 years old and is one of the things I have a real passion for. Being able to write again has given me an immense sense of clarity as to the journey I may be able to follow.

My interest in blogging led me to start an online Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing and this opened the door to digital marketing.

A few courses later, I now have a varying skill set ranging from writing, graphic design, web design, SEO and digital marketing. All of these skills support and complement each other in a way I never thought possible and I was able to gain these skills without having to fork out money that I don’t have or getting a degree which nowadays requires a student loan.

Not much later, I had decided to stop recruiting for the tech and digital world, and join it instead.


Excerpt of my very first blog post after I decided to simply take the leap and start posting.


The Break

Anyone reading this knows that landing that job you’ve been waiting for is way easier said than done. So what did I do? I forced my way in. I did not place myself on the job market the way most young professionals do these days by placing themselves on online job portals and applying to any and every fake job ad they find. Most of the time when doing this, you will find yourself ending up in the hands of a recruiter and if you are lucky, will get a few interviews at companies you may have never heard of.

I, however, wanted a more fulfilling and personal experience, so instead of looking for vacancies, I started researching companies instead.

After research, browsing dozens of “tech-savvy” agencies in Cape Town, I finally only approached three. iMod Digital was the first place I approached.

I read their vacancies and realised that they were looking for a seasoned SEO to join their team. Although this was slightly intimidating because I was not the SEO they described, I took it as some fuel when I sculpted my email to them.

I told them why I liked their company, what they stand for, what they do and proceeded to add why I would be a good asset to them. I fully portrayed my personality in my email and even added my quirkiness that normally only friends and family see.

A week later I landed an interview. Even though I was not the SEO they were looking for, nor did I have the experience they were after, I was offered a position on their team as a digital marketer and they got someone who was motivated and more than willing to learn the tricks of the trade. Never have I been happier. Upon my start with iMod, they had me start off on their expert SEO course at iMod Education to spruce up my skills and having made my way through this course, I am now even more sure that I have indeed made the right decision. The SEO course covers a great amount of topics in a way that is easy to understand and offers the opportunity to test what you have learned immediately. The fact that the team at iMod Digital has so much trust in their course that they would have someone join their team and use the course as training, is enough for me to recommend it to anyone out there seeking to expand their knowledge on the topic.

Having done many courses, iMod Education’s SEO course is the first course that has been useful on a day-to-day basis at work. A very important point to remember is that this course not only encompasses the hard facts about SEO but also covers many valuable lessons about what you can expect when pursuing digital marketing and SEO and the subjects related to succeeding within digital marketing as a whole such as content, writing, imagery and so much more. Digital Marketing and SEO combines all of my strong suits, creativity, writing, computer knowledge, graphic and web design, content creation, and problem-solving in an out-of-the-box way.

The digital revolution is over.

Yes, you read that right. We are no longer in a revolution into the digital space. The world is digital, and this is surely proven by the billion dollar industry that is eCommerce and Digital Marketing. There is no more room or excuse to bypass joining the online world in business. We need to grow with it and realise the spectacular potential there is for brands, companies, and individuals to make their mark and engage with giant audiences which can generate wonderful returns when done right.

That’s why I’m here, at iMod Digital, where I get to learn from the very best by not only completing their heart and handmade SEO course but by being able to pick their brains in a free and creative environment where I am trusted to work with them as if we’ve been a team for years.

What’s next? Who knows, but I will surely blog it here.

If SEO and Digital Marketing is a space you see yourself in with its endless growth and exploration, or if you need the knowledge to optimise your business’ website, why not give yourself a head start and a competitive edge by joining iMod Education’s exclusive course?

Sign up by clicking the button below

Register Now


Yours digitally,

Danni B


5 Reasons to love the iMod Education SEO Course

In the age where more and more of our daily tasks take place online, from our finance management, project management, planning, socialising and everything in between, why not do the same with your education and skills improvement?

In the age where more and more of our daily tasks take place online, from our finance management, project management, planning, socialising and everything in between, why not do the same with your education and skills improvement? As an avid online learner having completed multiple online courses across various platforms, topics and institutions, I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of e-learning at this point. As the latest addition to the iMod Digital team, I undertook their exclusive SEO course at iMod Education. Wondering if the course is worth it? Here are five reasons to love iMod Education’s SEO Course.


#1 SEO Defined

With the countless websites out there that are dying for a place in Google’s spotlight, thousands of misinforming articles on SEO tactics, various expensive SEO and digital marketing courses, and so many tools that claim to be free as well as accurate, how do we know where to begin and who to trust? The SEO course by iMod Education took all these doubts away by backing all their material up with the fact that these methods are what the experts behind the course use on a daily basis as their very bread and butter to provide astonishing results to their clients.

The course took me on a journey to understand just what SEO is, how it fits into the world of business, and just why SEO is such a powerful and vital aspect of marketing that every company in today’s age is no longer able to ignore when planning their strategies.


#2 Art meets tech

By learning about the importance of SEO and what it all means, it has been impossible for me to ignore the fact that equipping myself with the knowledge and practical skills the course provides, that this would be the conception of a new creative talent for me. Although SEO has its fair share of technical skills required, in order to succeed and to see the results of what I have learned, the technicalities need to be accompanied by true out-of-the-box thinking. When I realised that there isn’t a hard and fast solution for each challenge I would face, is when the appeal of the industry truly started brewing. SEO is an art, the technical skills that you apply will be molded by your ability to think in different ways in order for you to rise higher than the thousands of others that may be optimising a site that is about the exact same thing as yours. That is where the true art of SEO is visible and this art is something that the pro’s behind iMod Education understand deeply and it is evident when looking at their work and accomplishments.


#3 Real skills taught for real world application

iMod Education’s SEO course provides a real and strong foundation that can actually be built upon, something I have found to be lacking in many of the other online courses I have completed. The difference in this course comes in with the exceptional resources, tools and practical tests that are added to the theoretical material which allows you to walk away from the course with the ability to actually perform SEO. It is important to remember that while this course is truly expertly crafted and compact with a great amount of knowledge shared, it is still only a foundation as the SEO industry is vast and constantly evolving. The beauty of this lies in the fact that a proper foundation is exactly what is needed in order to get to that “get up and go” moment where you start your journey in SEO by DOING and the rest is what you will learn by experience and the out-of-the-box thinking I mentioned earlier. Think of it in the same way that you would think of someone teaching a painting class; they cannot possibly teach you what to paint or what your style will look like, they merely provide you with the opportunity to learn the most important techniques to lay a foundation that you add to with experience.


#4 SEO made simple

When you embark on the course, read the introduction and the excerpts from each lesson, you may find yourself with a bit of a glazed look like I did when you come across the SEO jargon and technical lingo that you need to know about. Don’t fear. These guys do an amazing job at explaining what each term means, how it is applied and how it all comes together. Want to know about meta data, robot.txt files, redirects and more? Just ask me, I did the course with no prior knowledge of SEO and can confidently explain this to anyone that needs to know.

If you want to pursue a career in digital marketing and SEO or need to implement SEO strategies in your business’ marketing plan, it is normal to feel like you don’t know where to start, as with any new topic. The fear and lost feeling disappears soon after you have surfed through a few lessons and realise that the iMod team are with you all the way and that the course not only throws information your way, but helps you to understand it. Still don’t understand it? Try one of the dozens of trustworthy resources that are included in the course.


#5 Try and test your skills instantly

Many online courses boast with certain accreditation, thousands of students and many promises, but I am sure that many of you would agree that most of the time we are faced with multiple choice questions that can usually be answered before you actually did the lesson in question. As I went through the course, I was indeed met with multiple choice questions after each lesson, however they actually forced me to inspect, research and try things out for myself before being able to answer. The course will also encourage you to keep doing better with there being certain criteria that needs to be met in order to access your next lesson. What makes the course special, however, is the practical aspect. Throughout the course, you will be met with practical lessons where you get the chance to put what you have learned into practice and your tests are marked by the course’s creators, not machines, which allows you to see actual results from your efforts.
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