Become an alumni of iMod Education

Become an alumni of iMod Education

When we launched iMod Education, we were very confident in the subject material that we created and the fringe benefits that the course would offer people. What we didn’t know, nor anyone launching a business, is how the market would receive it. We had no idea that we’d be looking after over 300 students and in light of this, we’ve registered ourselves as a school on LinkedIn. With this feature, alumni are now able to mark themselves as having studied at iMod Education on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Education


If you’ve passed our SEO Course, we’d like to encourage you to list yourself as an alumnus and join the growing group! We keep in touch with our alumni about new launches, insider tips, discounts on new courses being launched and so much more.

Here is how you add yourself:

iMod Education Alumni

We look forward to seeing you listed!

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