5 Reasons why you should be studying online

5 Reasons why you should be studying online

I am sure that by now you have heard of how beneficial it is to study online, you probably have one or two friends that are studying online and are raving about how great it is. Whilst there are lots of articles out there that explain the benefits of studying online we thought we would provide you with some idea as to why we believe you will benefit from studying online. We can’t guarantee that online learning is for you, as everyone is different and learns differently, but from our student’s feedback and our own experience, we can highly recommend it.

#1 The Ability To Learn At Your Own Pace

You probably already know this but the major benefit to studying online is the ability to learn at your own pace. Everyone learns at different speeds and whilst traditional learning doesn’t accommodate for this, online learning does. It affords you the opportunity to learn at a pace that better suits you. Say for example you don’t understand what meta data is and need more time to digest what you have learnt, with online learning you won’t be quickly rushed onto the next chapter before you have had the chance to comprehend what you have just read. You are instead given the opportunity to fully understand the concept.

#2 You Can Improve on A Niche Skill

Unlike traditional learning, online learning gives you the opportunity to focus your studies on a niche area. With online learning you aren’t forced to study a subject as a whole but rather have the opportunity to focus your time and effort on studying just the topic of interest. Whilst it is good to have a broad area of knowledge and expertise, sometimes it’s important to focus specifically on a topic that will improve your career prospects and that interests you.

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#3 You Can Study Anytime From Anywhere On Any Device

Not everyone has time to go to class and spend 4 hours listening to a lecturer badger on about XYZ. For a lot of us this can get frustrating and you may find yourself missing important information. With online studying you are not forced to sit in a classroom for hours on end but can rather study for 45 minutes at a time if that is what you please. If you study at a time and place that suits you, you are more likely to absorb the information provided.  With online learning you’re not stuck in a classroom but can rather study from your home, office or even your favourite WiFi accessible coffee shop. And by not having to travel to lectures you can also save a great amount of time and money.

#4 You Are Able To Practice What You Learn Immediately

Whilst being book smart is great, it isn’t going to help you in the real world. In an interview situation, you’ll be given a practical situation that you have to solve on the fly. With online learning you are often given the opportunity to go through a chapter and immediately practice what you learn. There is no go-home and do it for homework, if you want to practice writing title tags for a website you can do it there and then, whilst you are reading the chapter. This allows you to properly make sense of what you are reading whilst the information is still fresh in your mind. Hermann Ebbinghaus created the forgetting curve which states that after an hour we have forgotten 50% of what we learnt and after 24 hours we would have forgotten 70% of what we learnt. That is why it is so important to practice what you learn as soon as you can, this reinforces the knowledge in your brain and helps you to retain that information for an extended period of time.

#5 You Are Able To Connect With Lecturers Easily & Conveniently

You would think that in traditional studying it would be easy to get hold of your lecturer and ask them a question but often this isn’t the case. We often hear stories of people who queued for over an hour to ask there lecturer a question about course material. With online learning this is not the case. If you have a question, you can ask via email, phone or even group chat and get your answer within the hour.

There are many benefits to learning online and with the huge increase in online learners over the past couple of years, it is becoming increasingly obvious that many students prefer online studying and its ease of accessibility. Did you know that the number of people studying online grows by 1% every year and that 34% of graduate students in 2015 were under the age of 25 that is 9% more than in 2012? This shows that online education is fast becoming the future of education.

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